Part L2 Compliance

Part L2 Compliance without the Stress

A cost-effective and practical way to pass SBEM – made easy.

The latest Building Regulations set very high standards for energy efficiency. This can add cost and risk to your project. We find the simplest and best value solution for you, based on years of Design and Build contracting experience – all explained in plain English so you have control of your project.

• Accredited from the start with 8 years of Part L/ SBEM compliance experience
• Each SBEM is accompanied with a full summary of the building specification, easy to pass onto clients or subcontractors to ensure you can share the project risks
• Able to work with the entire project team and negotiate with building control to resolve any design issues
• Quick, efficient and competitive pricing

Software Screenshot  SBEM Model 3D Image

Pictures: Software Screenshot (Left), SBEM 3D modelling (Right).


An example of how we made an SBEM compliance check simple:

Our customer was told that they had to have an expensive biomass boiler installed so their factory could pass part L2 of the building regulations. We worked with them and found efficiencies in the lighting and existing gas fired heating that had not been realised and avoided the need for the biomass boiler, this saved over £30,000.00.